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3 Reasons to Consider Working with a Brand Voice Strategist

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Let’s talk about Brand Voice. 

And if you’re new to the online marketing world, I know what you’re thinking right now. “Girl. It’s MY brand so if I write, it will automatically be in my voice. Duh.” 

I know because when I fiiiiirst was starting out, I had similar thoughts. And trust me, I was super wrong.

Let’s just define “brand voice” real quick so we know that we’re on the same page. 

A brand voice is the manner in which a company communicates with its customers. This is defined by the company’s communication style and is intended for its target audience. The brand voice can take on any form, as long as it aligns with the company’s values and image.

Yes, you are (likely) a unique and fun person with a distinct voice and personality but I’m going to just tell it to you straight: that’s not good enough for your brand. Do you talk to your grandmother the same way you chatted with girlies you met in a bar bathroom line at 2 AM in your early 20s? Not unless your idea of paying Nana a compliment is to shout into her ear – in a very slurred voice – that she’s a hot biotch and needs to go out there and get her man. 

PS – If any of those ladies who also hung out in grungy bars in Adams Morgan circa 2014 are reading this, I still think about you and hope you’re doing well. 

My point? Even in your personal life, you communicate with different folks in different ways and how you speak to your customers in your business should be differentiated similarly.

Developing a unique brand voice can be tough, especially when you’re so close to your business. It can be hard to figure out which parts of your personality and natural speaking style will resonate with your dream customers. But don’t worry, that’s where a brand voice strategist comes in!

Let’s dive in! 

Reason 1 – A brand voice strategist provides expert guidance on how best to communicate your message.

One of the best ways to communicate a business’ message is through storytelling. A good story can capture potential customers’ attention, draw them in, and make them remember your brand. Stories can be shared through articles, videos, podcasts, and even conversations. The important thing is that they should be emotionally charged, creative, and compelling. A brand voice strategist can help you craft stories that will resonate with your audience and keep them engaged.

Reason 2 – Brand voice strategists are creative problem solvers.

You’ve got beautiful images, testimonials, and a portfolio that is bursting with goodness. So why aren’t the leads flying in like birds to a feeder. Or squirrels. Squirrels really are the primary beneficiaries of bird feeders. 

Your brand voice strategist can audit your site and see where the problem may lie but I bet it has to do with a lack of messaging, or messaging that just isn’t sticky enough. When it comes to marketing and communication, there are no one-size-fits all solution. Every business is different and requires a unique approach which is why it’s nearly impossible to do this on your own after reading a couple of blogs promising quick tips. 

More often than not, the most effective way to get across your brand message is to focus on the potential client’s current “problem” and walk your dreamboat client through the whole scenario as to how your product or offer is the solution to the problem that’s been eating at them. Now you need the wordsmith to put that all together.

Reason 3 – A brand voice strategy ensures consistency across all channels.

In today’s online marketing world, having a consistent brand voice and strategy across all channels is crucial for success. Being recognizable can help businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors and build trust with clients they’re courting. It also allows them to create a memorable experience for their clients and make it easy for them to recognize your company

A brand voice strategy will give you the confidence that comes from knowing that your brand is being represented accurately and effectively.

So if you want to maximize the impact of every interaction with potential clients, consider investing in a brand voice strategist today!

By working with a brand voice strategist, creative businesses can benefit from expert guidance on crafting emotionally-charged stories that resonate with future clients and create an unforgettable experience. 

If you’re ready to stand out in a crowd of creatives and get that competitive edge that a distinctive brand voice can give you, contact me today. Let’s hop on a call and talk through how we could work together to create an effective and consistent message your future clients are out there searching high and low for!  Let’s build a memorable communication strategy for your biz and hit publish together!

Kathryn Butler
March 12, 2023

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