The goal is not walls of text. Every word should be backed by market research, well thought out, and infused with personality that makes your ideal client say, “Oh! I like her" and "She gets me.”

in digital businesses, your words need to pull their weight

copywriting services

The words, phrases, and ideas you put forward should inspire and excite your audience as they learn what you can do for them and why they need you in their life pronto. Your copy should be subtly leading them all the way to that signed contract and deposit. Cha-ching. 

Everyone loves beautiful images and design, but they'll only get you so far. The language you use can make or break the sale. 

When we're done working together, you'll have more than fresh copy... you'll have a whole new level of confidence in your business.

Compassion drives positive change by fostering understanding and deeper connections.

Clear communication in work and pleasure is the key to delivering impactful messages.

I strive to stay ahead of the curve so to bring new and innovative ideas to my work.

Empathy is powerful

in Precision over Pretty Prose

in Continuous Learning

 I believe


What brings you here?

Payment plans available


The investment

+ 2 Hour Launch Call 
+ Comprehensive Client Survey
+ Target Client Research & Buyer Persona
+ A Bespoke Brand Messaging Blueprint
+ 5 Pages of Expertly Crafted Web Copy
+ A Complimentary Contact Page
+ Two Rounds of Revisions

What's included

Say goodbye to the days of cobbling together copy from downloaded templates or just winging it.  It all starts with a thorough understanding of you and your business and ends with a website that will sound and feel like you.

Full Strategy & Web Copy


Payment plans available


The investment

+ Email Marketing Strategy and Calendar
+ Bespoke Voice & Tone Guide
+ Copy for up to 6 Opt-in Forms
+ Newsletter Template
+ Your First Newsletter Completed
+ One Lead Magnet
+ Email Welcome Sequence (6)

What's included

Like love letters, but for your business's dream clients. Our goal is to captivate, engage, and convert readers, leaving a lasting impression that will drive growth

E-Marketing Starter Kit


Payment plans available


The investment

+ 60 Minute Launch Call 
+ Target Client & Competitor Research 
+ Detailed Buyer Persona
+ Expertly Crafted Long Form Sales Page
+ Promotional Email Sequence (8)
+ 12 Launch Captions for Social Media
+ Two Rounds of Revisions

What's included

Together, we'll craft a clear and compelling message that connects with your customers on a deeper level,  creating a buzz that generates excitement in a crowded market and drives sales

Launch Copywriting



The investment

+ Business Goals Questionnaire
+ 30-Minute Brand Messaging Review Call
+ A Google Doc loaded with constructive criticism; actionable recommendations; and flagged errors, inconsistencies, missed opportunities, and flat language
+ One 60-minute check-in call

What's included

Are you seeing web traffic but folks seem to be bouncing rather than buying? You may need an unbiased review of your work with actionable solutions for your strategy and copywriting challenges. 

Copy Audit & Edits 


Four Month Minimum


The monthly investment begins at

+ 60 Minute Onboarding Call
+ Brand & Client Questionnaire
+ Content Calendar Collaboration
+ Thorough Topic and Keyword Research
+ 4 800 Word Blogs Per Month
+ Image Alt Text and Meta Descriptions
+ 30-Minute Bi-Monthly Check-In

What's included

You're a...{whatever it is you do so well in your business}, not a writer. But you know the power of a consistent blog so the task haunts you. Let me let you check off "new blog" on your to-do list.

Long-form Blog Copy


Payment plans available


The investment

+ 1 Hour Launch Call 
+ Comprehensive Client Survey
+ A Thorough Brand Voice & Tone Guide
+ Target Client Research & Buyer Persona
+ A Bespoke Brand Messaging Blueprint
+ Full Audit of Existing Site
+ 1 Hour Off-boarding Call

What's included

Say goodbye to generic and hello to language that embodies your business. A mood board of words, this service delivers the strategic language that will ensure brand consistency.

Brand Voice Strategy


increase in inquiries with new branding

launch profit in first 3 months

improved bounce rate

months of booked out services

unique  visitors in first month

increase in average order value






Various Client Results by Numbers

Before we speak, my potential clients should feel like they already know me.

Across all channels, I deserve to exude confidence and authenticity in my brand.

My copy should be designed to convert effectively and work just as hard as I do.

I'm willing to delegate tasks to others and have established a system to do so.

My time is best spent working with my clients within my own area of expertise.

You're ready to outsource your copy if these points resonate:

We'll collaborate closely to craft copy that not only captures your unique service and personality but also drives results. 

If everything looks good, you'll sign a contract and pay your deposit. Then we can start bringing your vision to life!

The first step is to apply, and if it seems like we're a good match, we'll schedule a discovery call.

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the process

-chelsey kraus, family photographer

Kathryn is not only an incredible copywriter but also a top-tier researcher! She guided me through the entire process of customizing my blogs based on what would make the biggest impact in my business.

-courtney t., life coach & Speaker

Not only did she exceed my expectations with great copy, but she also brought a wealth of marketing ideas to the table that have been invaluable for my new business. I feel lucky to have had Kathryn on my team.

-Meghan doll, family photographer and educator

Kathryn helped me hone in my target audience and did all the research to really understand them. The resulting words she crafted are sheer brilliance! She’s so dang good!

If writing isn't your forte, don't fret - it's mine! Let's explore if I might be the perfect fit to bring your message to life with copy that truly converts.

apply to work together

ready to check "copy" off your to-do list?