We all know that product recommendations mean more when they come from a friend. So, hi, it's me, I'm friend and I highly recommend the tools below!

favorite Copywriting Resources that i just can't help but share

+a top-notch researcher
+ thick-skinned
+ naturally curious
+ A bit of an overthinker 
+ a voracious reader
you may be a great copywriter if you're 

Rome wasn't built in a day... but they were laying bricks every hour. And that's what you're doing too!  Below are the first four tools and resources that I invested in and I encourage you, new copywriter, to do the same! As you build your portfolio, you can add more frills, bells, and whistles to your business  as you go along. Speaking for myself, I'm never "done" - I'm always thinking of the next move and way to increase revenue and better serve my clients.

There's no denying it, starting a biz is overwhelming!  My advice? Find a good mentor, start slowly & work your way up.

I love this tool for its advanced writing suggestions, which help me improve my grammar, spelling, and style.

Love this easy-to-use platform and a wide range of design options that allow me to create professional-looking graphics,

Love this easy-to-use platform and customizable templates that help me create my website without coding.




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