2 Common Sense Tips for Writing Product Descriptions

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You’re thinking, “Okay, if it’s so obvious, why are you writing a blog about it?” 

Well, why are you reading a blog about it?

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Okay, jokes aside, it’s because I truly think sometimes the most simple parts of running your business can feel unnecessarily overwhelming. And I bet you’re here because you’ve hit a wall writing product descriptions or can totally see that being you in the future. 

My husband always reminds me not to “nuke it” – as in, don’t overly think of a solution to any problem the way a brainy nuclear officer might. So we’re going to not overcomplicate it with two tips on how to write product descriptions and check that off your pre-product launch to-do list. 

A product description is a written piece of text that provides detailed information about a product. It typically includes information about the product’s features, benefits, and specifications. Product descriptions are used to help customers understand the product and make informed purchasing decisions. 

So not to put pressure on it but basically, an entire paragraph can mean the difference between a SALE -> A REVIEW -> MAYBE A REPEAT PURCHASE -> A REFERRAL -> CLIENT TURNED FRIEND -> THE POTENTIAL TO MAKE BILLIONS SOME NOMINAL AMOUNT OF MONEY and $0 earned the end. 

So let’s consider the two things to keep in mind when writing these short but key descriptions to ensure they lead to maximum impact. 

Tip 1 – Understand the needs of your target audience – know what they are looking for in a product and how to describe it best. Use strong, descriptive language to create an emotional connection with potential buyers. Focus on the benefits that customers will receive from purchasing your product rather than just listing features

Highlight the unique aspects of your product – what makes it stand out from other similar products? Why is it better than competing options? Remember to emphasize why this product is the ideal choice for your customer.

Tip 2 – Create consistent, SEO-friendly descriptions – use keywords relevant to your product and industry to boost search engine rankings. Make sure to write concise, informative descriptions that draw readers in and provide helpful information.

…and that’s it. Of course, make sure you have an FAQ page as necessary, the specs listed, how it’s delivered, good graphics that aren’t misleading, la la la. Those are all parts of the bigger picture that will lead to the satisfying “add to cart” moment for your client…and then you, money bags! 

If you’re just nuke’ing it left and right, it may be time to call in the big guns and get help on your overall Launch Copy for whatever amazing thing you’re ready to shoot off into the universe! Maybe we should chat. If you want this taken off your hands, please contact me today so we can look at ways to work together and then maybe hit publish together.

Kathryn Butler
March 12, 2023

How to Write a Product Description - Two Tips

What is a Product Description?

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